Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I learned...

Courtney, over at Click it up a Notch has a weekly feature where we can link up and post something we learned this week. Earlier in the week she had a post about how to photograph Christmas lights. I read that post, got my camera out and started practicing! This week I learned how to photograph lights! Here is the shot I like the best. 1/13 shutter speed, f/4.5 and ISO 800. I'm limited by my kit lens on the aperture setting, but hopefully Santa will buy me that new lens I asked for. :) Suggestions? Should I have increased my ISO and increased my shutter speed or doesn't that matter? (Click image to enlarge)

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I am a sinner who has been chosen by God and redeemed by the death and resurrection of his son Jesus. I am a full-time wife and mom, though I hope to someday return to my job as an SLP. I love photography, coffee, reading, and adoption. I hate to clean, but sometimes do it anyway!
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