Monday, March 28, 2011

In Love

Sigh, I am in love with a little boy in Eastern Europe that I have never met. I read a ton of adoption blogs and occasionally peruse the adoption websites with waiting children. I know, I know, with three kids ages 5 and under I hardly need to be doing that. But, it is in my heart and so I look. There is an amazing website/ministry called Reece's Rainbow that lists children, mainly from Russia and Eastern Europe, with special needs who may be more difficult to find families for. Many of the children have Down Syndrome, some are HIV +, and others have other various conditions. While looking I saw this one boy, named "Alex" and for some reason I instantly fell in love. I mean, look at that SMILE! He has cerebral palsy and cannot currently walk. The site says he is very smart and that when he turns five (in September) he will be transferred to an institution where he will be bedridden. Just like that, no hope of walking unless a family, HIS family comes to get him. I asked God if we were his family (thinking that God REALLY had a sense of humor if we were---if you know me in real life you KNOW how crazy our life is at the moment), but I still had to ask. And the answer was clearly, 100%, "no". So, what I want to know is...are YOU his family??? Look at him! Isn't he cute?! If you click on the Easter Warrior link underneath his bio it will take you to another person's blog that has a few additional pics of him on it. I'd love for him to find his family!
Monday, March 7, 2011

Cleaning out the car

I know, I never really write on here, but thought I'd share this with you today. My hubby cleaned out my car and unbeknownst to me kept a list of what he found in there so that I could embarrass myself  share the list on my blog. 

Contents of my car:
1 lego
2 bags of trash
1 winter hat
4 socks (all different)
7 spoons
8 books
1 box of crackers
1 box of cheezits
1 box of Scooby snacks
1 empty cinnamon spice bottle
1 feminine product
2 umbrellas
4 empty water bottles
1 full water bottle
2 coffee cups
1 purell dispenser
1 bottle of kids ibuprofen
1 bag of kids chapsticks (6 tubes)
2 matchbox cars
1 plastic pear
2 magnadoodles
5 used wet wipes (not used for diaper changes...)
1 pencil
1 comb
7 letters
6 unused diapers
2 raisin boxes
2 maps
1 speech pathology book
1 sleeping child :)

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I am a sinner who has been chosen by God and redeemed by the death and resurrection of his son Jesus. I am a full-time wife and mom, though I hope to someday return to my job as an SLP. I love photography, coffee, reading, and adoption. I hate to clean, but sometimes do it anyway!
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