Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Free Starbucks!!

Got this link off of Money Saving Mom's website for a free sample of Starbucks coffee. WOO HOO!!! This is so meant for me. So go here and register your information, then answer a short survey and you get free coffee in 6 to 8 weeks! Now that's a great deal!
Sunday, March 23, 2008

Shopping Lessons Learned

I went shopping yesterday for a little bit and last weekend for a little bit for some clothes for myself. I was not very successful, but I did learn a few "lessons" along the way that I'd like to share.

1. I will never (NEVER) try on another pair of Bermuda shorts. If you are shopping with me, and see me pick them up to try on...please, please stop me. Don't let me waste my time. No matter how cute these look on other people, they DO NOT look cute on me. No matter how many different brands I try on. No matter how many stores I go to.

2. Medium is the new Small (especially in those stores that cater to high schoolers). 

3. Shopping with my squirrelly two-year-old is likely preferable to shopping on a Saturday afternoon in our local shopping mall. Way way way too many people (especially during spring break/holy week). I got one of the last carts at Target!

4. I still have no idea how to shop for my post baby (or should I say 2 years post baby) body. In my mind I am still teeny...until I try on clothes meant for teeny people!

5. I fear that the day when I am too old to shop in the "teen" section is rapidly approaching.

6. I have hit the stage where it is much more fun (much easier and more successful too) to shop for my child than it is for myself. 

7. I still like to shop, despite all of this!!! 
Friday, March 21, 2008

The Ultimate "Bargain"

Sorry it has been so long since I have posted! We've been busy! I did do some bargain hunting last weekend...as did some friends of mine, so I'll post about that maybe tomorrow or something. 

Today though, in light of Easter on Sunday, I want to tell you about the BEST bargain I have ever gotten. Yes, it is BETTER than paying no money for 4 bars of soap and getting $4 to spend the next time you shop. BETTER than my favorite CVS bargains, and believe it or not, BETTER than the time I bought 4 pkgs of Robitussin cough drops and got $100 Visa card!!!!

What is this bargain?? It was Jesus, taking on my sins and dying on the cross for me so that I could have ETERNAL life in heaven instead of spending an eternity in Hell. All I had to do was believe in Him and accept Him as my Lord and savior. Talk about a bargain!!!!!! To add icing to the cake, I get to live my life with Him by my side. He comforts me in times of sorrow and blesses me with undeserved blessings. Yeah, I'd say this is MUCH better than any bargain CVS could ever have.

May you have a wonderful Easter weekend!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Favorite CD/Download

Hey! I thought for a change of pace (I know some of you are thinking "finally!!") from the couponing I want to know what you are listening to a lot lately! Are you listening to a favorite CD or favorite download a lot? Which ones?

I typically listen to books on CD or children's songs (Veggie Tales, Curious George...etc) but every once in a while I pull out a CD.

I am listening to a CD by a Christian group called Selah, specifically the CD called Greatest Hymns. Their voices are absolutely INCREDIBLE. I recommend that you give them a listen
Just scroll down and you will see a list of songs from this album. Click the play button next to the song to listen.

Another CD I LOVE is actually a Christmas album. I know, how weird is that to listen to Christmas music in March?? I promise these songs don't sound like Christmas music. They are awesome. It is Third Day's Christmas Offerings CD. We had the opportunity to go to this concert this past December and it was SO SO SO AWESOME!! Have a listen

Now it is your turn! What is on your Ipod/in your CD player?
Sunday, March 9, 2008

Today's trip

Just returned from my weekly (okay, sometimes more than weekly) CVS and Walgreens trip. I actually bought some things we needed...like the shave gel, the gum, and the little Disney washcloths. The Disney washclothes are birthday gifts for a kids bday party next weekend. The rest of the stuff...well, it was essentially free! I spent 1.50 out of pocket on all of this!!!

I did find one "no brainer deal" for this week. If you got the Sunday paper there is a coupon for buy one get one free trident gum in one of the coupon inserts. At walgreens this week there is a coupon in the weekly Walgreens ad for buy one get one free trident gum. So, you can get 2 packs of gum totally free! I bought some pomegranate blueberry gum which is really yummy!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Coupons = clean water

Just got an email that for every coupon from the Proctor and Gamble ad (comes in the Sunday paper the first Sunday of the month) that is redeemed in March or April they will donate 1 liter of clean drinking water to needy people in third world countries. Pretty cool! Read about it here.

Monday, March 3, 2008

The Weekend Haul

Had a fairly successful bargain shopping trip this weekend. My first stop was Walgreens where I bought what you see below. There were a few hang-ups, but thanks to some helpful employees, I got the deals I went in for!!! 

I did several different transactions. The first few I did were the Olay bar soap deal. Walgreens has a deal this week where you buy 2 pkgs of the Olay bar soap and you get $4 back in "Register Rewards" which are like money to use the next time you shop. Well, I had 6 coupons for $2 off each pkg of bar soap, meaning I got the soap for FREE and then got $4 back. A GREAT deal! I then did the deal where you buy 6 of any certain items listed (including the herbal essences/olay body wash) and get $12 back in Register rewards. This got a little complicated because for some reason the computer wouldn't recognize it. I recommend that if you do this deal you get 6 of the same item for it. It is reported that if you buy 6 of the small (trial size?) Pantene and spend something like $8 you will still get the $12 register rewards. I also bought vitamins which are free after rebate this week, and Kotex pads which were on clearance for $1.60 ish and I had a $1 off coupon.

CVS has some good monthly deals as well as weekly deals. If you are just getting into CVS shopping make sure you pick up a flier at the store which lists their monthly Extra Care Buck deals. More toothpaste...just what we needed...I think that brings our total up to 7 unopened boxes! 

I know some of you ventured out to CVS and Walgreens! Tell us about your deals!

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