Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer Plans

Summer is RAPIDLY approaching- as in the kids' last day of school is tomorrow. Yikes! Thankfully I've been anticipating this day and have made some summer plans in the HOPES of keeping the kids (especially my older two) somewhat occupied and hopefully to keep me from losing my mind. :) I'd love to spend every day at the pool, especially since it gets SOOOO hot here, but with 4 little ones I'm not sure how I will safely manage all of them on my own. Especially since the older two are not allowed in the kiddie pool area. They are only marginally swimming on their own. I will definitely be keeping the older two in lifejackets when we go....but may have to find someone to accompany me to the pool. Swim lessons are not currently offered where we live but there are signs that they will be offered in the future. I hope. I inherited a kiddie pool that I know I'll be filling up on our porch for the kids to play in. I've already done that one day and it was fun for all, including me! Never too old to get in a kiddie pool right?

Other than swimming- I bought a homeschool science curriculum, Apologia Astronomy, to work on over the summer. I purchased the junior notebooks as well as the lapbook packages. I don't think it is necessary to have BOTH the notebooks and lapbooks, but my kids are LOVING doing both. We have done two days of lessons and they are already begging me to do more. I am really enjoying it as well and learning a ton. I love that Apologia has a curriculum focused on God and His creation. I really think we are going to enjoy working through the curriculum this summer. Thanks Jessica for mentioning it to me!

I also made a letter-writing box for the kids. I put envelopes, stationery, addresses and stamps in it. I am hopeful that when I hear "I'm bored" I can direct them to go write a letter to a cousin, aunt, grandparent, etc. The kids also have summer journals. My daughter's teacher made a journal jar for her full of journal prompts so I think both kids may benefit from those.

One thing I really love about being a mom is being able to read aloud to the kids from chapter books. We are finishing the first book in the Little House on the Prairie series. We may continue on with this series or move onto something else. I'm thinking Charlie and the Chocolate Factory could be fun. We've already read quite a bit aloud together (read alouds from Sonlight Core A) and I have really loved it and so have the kids.

The older two also got accepted into a Korean culture/language class this summer during July. I don't think it is SUPER intensive but I'm looking forward to them learning more Korean vocab- and let's be honest- having something to do. I also plan on putting them in VBS when the time comes. Of course my kids will have lots and lots of play time inside and outside and hopefully lots of playdates with friends.

As for my littles- lots of snuggling and playing. I ordered some do-a-dot markers for my three year old. He loves to sit and color or cut with the big kids while they are doing work. I'm sure for baby girl I'll be chasing her around the house and taking things out of her mouth that shouldn't be in there. :)

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