Monday, September 1, 2008

Never thought I'd hear myself say

I thought I'd start a little "series" on my blog. I'd like to call it "Things I never thought I'd hear myself say as a mother". I have been thinking about posting some of the random things I tell my son. Apparently "Parents" magazine has a similar series, but I swear I thought of it first! :)

So, here are a couple of things I never thought I'd say

"Eat your hot dog and your Cheetos and then you can have some cake". Um yeah, hello....cuz dinner is clearly the healthier choice than cake

"Stop eating your (styrofoam) cup!" When I noticed that his drink cup had three bite shaped moons missing from it. I couldn't find the remainder of the cup at first, so I assumed he had actually swallowed the styrofoam. Thankfully he didn't!

How about you moms out there?


Anonymous said...

Just last week at a potluck I told my daughter she had to eat all of her hot dog BEFORE her vegetables (she LOVES veggies). Because clearly the nitrate filled hot dog is much better for her than steamed broccoli!

What is our world coming to? Crazy moms, wake up and smell the artificial preservatives! I hope our kids don't have to worry about feeding their children this junk!

Hooray for the organic revolution....It's about time we started eating like our healthy GREAT GRANDPARENTS! How old are they? Do they have cancer or obesity? NO, and now what is the average age for heart problems? 30-40's? Men AND women? Why? Because of more upper body fat storage i.e surrounding the heart...shocker! And colon, stomach, breast cancers? Food related? Many people opt for the "ORGANIC" diet instead of chemo and many are in remission....Wonder why?

OUR poor kids...what a mess the consumer market has given us and what a pain to keep the kids from screaming down the aisles for CHOCOLATE cereal!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Eat some fruit and run around the block kids!

OK I'm done ranting and rambling for now....


Melissa said...

The one I used this morning with K was "are you allowed to go potty in your diaper?"

Well, of course, that is what they are for. She still wears a Pull Up to bed and we're trying to get her to stay dry at night.

I'll think of more but that's what came to mind first.


Melissa said...

Thought of another. The other night I didn't expect J to be home for dinner so I made just enough for me and the girls. Well, he came home, we all had smaller portions in order for every to eat, and of course my bottomless pit children were still hungry. I told them "if you guys are still hungry, then you can have ice cream". Yeah, they HATED that.

Goldstein Family said...

One of my personal favorites is "don't make me pull this car over!" Where did that come from? I too am guilty of the "eat your (fill in the blank) and you can have a cookie, cheetos, etc.."

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