Friday, October 10, 2008

Why God wants us to be like children...

My son has a new hobby. He loves to play our little xylophone style piano and belt out songs that he knows. He also prays before each song (why?? No idea!). It is so cute...let me give you an example: 
-"say prayer to Jesus"
and he bows his head and says
-"Dear Jesus, Thank you for go to the park. Amen!"
then he will bang away on random keys while he sings one of his favorite songs (Deep and Wide, Jesus loves the little children, or even Wheels on the Bus). Between each song he bows his little head and says another prayer to Jesus before singing the next song. 

The other day I was watching him do this and chuckling to myself. I thought "oh, how cute, he prays before each song". It was SO endearing, but I almost thought, silly...Then I isn't silly AT ALL! That is what God WANTS us to do! Be like children SO much, that we pray before each song, before each little thing that we do. I needed to learn this lesson from my son!


Angie said...

Maybe he's acting out church - we seem to have that pattern where we pray then sing. So cute!

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