Monday, June 27, 2011

Sale Recap...Finally!

Hey everyone! So sorry for the long delay between posts. We were in the process of moving from Japan back to the United States. We have finally arrived in our destination, and so has our computer which had all of the flea marked pics on it. Hopefully you all stayed informed via Alex's facebook page and saw that the flea market was a HUGE success!!! The morning sale raised over $450 and we were unexpectedly blessed with another load of stuff and went to an afternoon sale that brought in over $200 more! So I immediately was able to deposit over $700 into Alex's fund!!! Praise God! 

The flea market took place on Mother's day, and I awoke to the sweetest note from my husband. It read "We are proud of you for sacrificing your mother's day so that someday Alex can say 'Happy Mother's Day' too". Yeah, I definitely cried when I read that! My awesome friend Courtney sacrificed her Mother's day too and helped out at the sale. I'm SOOO glad she was there. Not only did we have a ton of fun, but it was crazy and we needed to have two people to manage all of the buyers. 

Here are some photos of the day: (Disclaimer: Courtney and I are normally cuter than this, but we woke up at 5am and didn't shower before the it was a HOT day and we were dressed too warm for it!)

Courtney with our stuff, presale

Looking down the row at the other Americans selling stuff

The Japanese lined up at the gate presale

The line at the other end of the parking lot

Courtney was nervous (and so was I!!)

Here they come!

Yes, they were RUNNING in to get to the sales

One last photo before I ran back to our booth!

Me with our leftover stuff post sale. I ended up getting a friend's leftover stuff to and was able to take it to another sale later in the day.

It was so interesting to see what items the Japanese bought quickly and what they weren't interested in. The hot items: candles, some half-melted; half used lotion bottles; baskets; ANY shirts with English on them (think high-school sports t's). Other things we thought would sell fast but didn't: high chair; baby walker; Puma shoes, etc. 

It was a fun, crazy, exhausting day, but I am SOOO thankful that we were able to raise so much money for Alex!!! I love that boy!!


Joanna said...

Bahaha!! I find this SO funny. I LOVE Asia!!! And how did I miss that you lived in Japan? So cool!

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