Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Look what I got free today

Well, after a couple of slow bargain weeks, I finally got some CVS deals today. I got all that you see above (not that I need anymore Venus razors or toothpaste, but that is beside the point!) for FREE using manufacturers coupons and extra care bucks...and I ended up with the same amount of extra care bucks that I started with. Gotta love that!!! 


Melissa said...

i have those same 2 tubes of toothpaste. its not my favorite, but it was free! i too came out this week with more ecb than i went in with, but we got a new digital camera and got the sd card for it with my ecb. can't beat that. now i have to start over with my cvs adventures. i can't wait!

Angie said...

I ended up with a bit too much free stuff at Walgreen's yesterday. I was wondering how I did so awesome when I checked out. Later I was going over my receipt with Brian to brag and found out the two bottles of foundation didn't ring in. ....no wonder she had to force the $3/2 coupon. I'm not going back to correct them - they get plenty of money from me in the long fun. Am I awful?

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