Monday, April 28, 2008

Confessions of a tea purchaser

I have a problem. I love to buy tea. Weird huh, considering that I LOVE LOVE LOVE my coffee with my yummy creamer, and I rarely drink tea. However, I can't seem to resist continuing to buy tea. I think I am hoarding it for some unseen event in the future when all of the tea supplies in the world are depleted. Don't worry...if that happens, I'll share with you. (I also seem to have an insane amount of shampoo, toothpaste and excedrin, but that's a story for another day) Anyway, there was a period of time when I could not go to the grocery store without purchasing a new kind of tea. I have since sworn off tea buying, but it continues to tempt me. I must use up some of my stash before I buy any new tea though! 

Some of my favorites:
Any brand of Ginger peach
Lady Grey tea with cream and sugar

Any tea lovers want to tempt me with their favorites? Anyone else hoard something and not know why?


Melissa said...

I rarely, almost never, drink tea. I had a kick there for a while where I was doing it for the antioxidants, but that lasted about a week. What do you put in yours? Cream? Sugar? Both? Sometimes it just seems so blah. I want more flavor, and definitely more caffeine.

As of this Thursday, I'll be hoarding toothpaste as well. I do have 6 boxes of is courtesy of you. :) I hoard if it MAKES me money! And remember how I laughed at you the day you told me about couponing.

christie said...

Ok, what is up with the Excedrine? Is the company going bust and trying to give away their stock?
I actually have WAY more tea than I will ever drink also. I think it's b/c tea always SOUNDS like a good idea, but when it comes right down to it I always reach for a diet coke or a cup of coffee instead. Although, I will say that I got in the habit of drinking some sleepytime or chammomile for awhile in the wintertime. I can't think of anything else I hoard. I don't have room for hoarding in my tiny 1960's base house! I can, however, run the air with the windows open if I want, although that is environmentally irresponsible, but that's a whole other issue.

Melissa said...

okay, now i'm hoarding cleam team wipes and kandoo wipes!!! i have 5 unopened packages in my hall closet. :)

c-the excedrine is from cvs. girl, you gotta get with it and get some free stuff with couponing and bargain shopping!!! its exhilarating. today i saved $15 at the commissary and $26 at Publix. it was awesome!

Christina said...

For some reason tea always sounds good while you're at the store, but never sounds good when you're at home. If I end up looking at all the tea options at the grocery store, I end up buying at least one kind. However, after I realized I had 3 boxes of tea (a lot for me), I stopped letting myself look at it at the store :) My favorite (so far) is Cranberry Pomegranate Green Tea. It's yummy, and it smells even yummier. When you've lifted the tea buying ban, you should try some! You may as wait till fall though. I can't imagine drinking tea in Texas during the summertime!

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