Tuesday, March 2, 2010

This time around

Wow...I know I'm a totally horrible blogger, but didn't realize I hadn't posted since November. Good thing a newborn provides a good excuse (that I will be using as long as possible for many, many things).

Things are going better this time around than the first time I had a newborn. Although having a newborn with two other children is a craziness I never knew was possible! (that's a post for another day though). I find that I am worried about so many fewer things. With my first I NEVER let him sleep in bed with us...now I don't care where he sleeps, as long as I'm getting some sleep! He is not on a schedule for nursing yet and I feel like this is totally right for him. From the beginning he has been more of a cluster feeder...eating every hour or two for several hours, then napping, then repeat. He seems to be eating in more regular intervals right now as he is getting older, so eventually we may get into more of a groove.

In case it helps anyone, I wanted to list some things that I'm really liking this time around, things that I didn't have last time:

- my M0by wrap. My son LOVES this. It seems to fit a newborn much better than the baby bj0rn does. It is easier on my back. He falls asleep in it almost every time which allows me to get something done since he often resists sleeping without being held.
- Medel@ brand lanolin. I like it much better than the Lansinoh...seems to go on better. Thankfully though I haven't even needed it past the first week or two.
- Medel@ Swing pump. SO great. I have only used it a couple of times but it is SUPER easy to use. Speaking of pumping...WHEN am I supposed to pump when I am exclusively breast feeding every 2 or so hours? I don't get it!


Moby Wrap said...
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Elizabeth said...

Yay! A blog post! I still can't believe you have a whole other child! You only had one when you left!

Maybe you don't post that much because people are always bugging to make personal decisions for them -- like picking out baby gifts for people you don't know? Just a thought.

I am pretty sure your question about pumping was rhetorical. Right?

Angie said...

I used to pump before I went to sleep and again after the first AM feeding since there was so much milk stored up from overnight. Of course, Charlotte was a good night sleeper, so that makes a difference too.

Anonymous said...

It was good to see you blogging again:) I am glad you are doing well and have so many children to keep you happy and busy! I miss you tons and pray God blesses your beautiful family!

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