Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Getting in Shape?

Hey Y'all--

Keeping busy over here...way TOO busy in fact! :) I'm starting to feel very frustrated by the baby weight I have on me! Still about 30 lbs left to lose. I thought it was all supposed to miraculously disappear if you breast feed?! I guess it would probably help if I stopped eating like I were still pregnant. Seriously though, how did you lose your baby weight? I know I need to exercise, but still unsure of how to fit that into my day. Thinking that maybe once the little one sleeps better at night and I'm less desperate for a nap in the middle of the day I may be able to use a little time there to do some sort of workout. Hmmm. I know that I also need to drastically change my eating habits. I feel like meals that are easy are not usually synonymous with healthy. And right now, easy is winning. Any suggestions for me?!


The 5 Rohrers said...

Zoë is 5 months old now and I have 20 pounds to lose still. You need to eat more calories breastfeeding, but I am finding that cutting sugar (some days I have will-power, some days I don't) and walking a few times a week with my neighbor have helped. Getting more sleep has helped, too. I think with each kid it just takes more time. Hang in there! I'm in the same boat!
Hooray for swimsuit cover-ups!!!!

Elizabeth said...

With C, I trained for a half-marathon about five or six months after she was born and pretty much had the weight off by then. With Santi, I did not train for anything and found it so much harder to find time/energy to run, but . . . it still came off! It took a few months longer, but I was back to my normal size by the time I weaned him, without any special diets or anything. I think it just takes time, unfortunately. You are such an active person! (And I agree that it is just SO, SO hard to stop eating when you're breastfeeding and when you're having interrupted sleep. I was hungry all the time! Hated that.)

Anyways, you look fabulous in your pictures.

Melissa said...

I'm confident you'll get yourself down to where you want to soon. I've seen you do it before! You are not your own right now, but you will be again soon, well a little bit more anyway. You are a beautiful woman inside and out and you are taking care of your 3 children and your husband and probably at the very end, yourself. Maybe you need to leave Japan and come to Vegas. That would TOTALLY be the fix!!!

Goldstein Family said...

I had to go on a dairy free diet because I think Gracyn has a milk allergy. I must say, that has done the trick to help me lose the weight but I won't say it's easy because it definitely is NOT! Don't worry, it'll all come off soon. Just enjoy your sweet little man. :)

Anonymous said...

no brilliant suggestions, just empathy. i'm right there with you. my baby's fat and so am i. i know from experience that it won't budge much until baby weans, which for us, is a loooooong way off.

someday, we'll have our bodies back. i'm hoping summer gardening will help.

Tricia said...

First, in all the pictures I've seen of you since your littlest was born, you've looked great. So you must hide those pounds well. :) And it's only been 4 months, right? Give yourself a little more time.

Have you tried just taking a walk with all the kiddos? Can you put the older two in a double stroller (assuming you have one) and carry M in a carrier (carrying the extra weight that's not yours will help burn those calories faster). I know it can be hard to get out. We usually take our walk or bike ride after supper, but morning walks are nice too.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the second one is much harder than the first! For me it was consistancy, walk everday... usually to the park because running was not easy to fit in and impossible to do with a tandom double stroller and well just made everything hurt. Another great and cheap trick is using the exercise ball to do abs and was much gentler on my body and gave me a wider range...I found muscles I didn't know I had :) and the kids loved sitting on my lap while I did them and made me work even harder. Of course avoiding sweets was a HUGE help...more fruit and juice and avoiding sweets and sodas. I can't go without sugar but I can change what sugar I eat...LOTS of fruit...instead of icecream I would eat vanilla yoguart (low sugar kind) with frozen berries...YUM!!! Much better midnight snack then bluebell icecream:) I know you can do it! Stick with it and don't worry, just chasing around those kids and enjoying playing with them will help too!
God bless,

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