Monday, March 7, 2011

Cleaning out the car

I know, I never really write on here, but thought I'd share this with you today. My hubby cleaned out my car and unbeknownst to me kept a list of what he found in there so that I could embarrass myself  share the list on my blog. 

Contents of my car:
1 lego
2 bags of trash
1 winter hat
4 socks (all different)
7 spoons
8 books
1 box of crackers
1 box of cheezits
1 box of Scooby snacks
1 empty cinnamon spice bottle
1 feminine product
2 umbrellas
4 empty water bottles
1 full water bottle
2 coffee cups
1 purell dispenser
1 bottle of kids ibuprofen
1 bag of kids chapsticks (6 tubes)
2 matchbox cars
1 plastic pear
2 magnadoodles
5 used wet wipes (not used for diaper changes...)
1 pencil
1 comb
7 letters
6 unused diapers
2 raisin boxes
2 maps
1 speech pathology book
1 sleeping child :)


Kathleen said...

Ha Ha!!! I love it. Sounds like everything that would come out of my car. I am surprised my husband hasn't taken to making a list of what comes out of my car. :)

Melissa said...

Wait, wait, wait. You aren't driving a car...nor are you driving a van. With all that stuff you MUST be driving a school bus! What a nice husband to keep a list for you. I hope he was laughing, and that the feminine product was still in its package.

oma-opa said...

What? Only 2 coffee cups?

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