Monday, March 28, 2011

In Love

Sigh, I am in love with a little boy in Eastern Europe that I have never met. I read a ton of adoption blogs and occasionally peruse the adoption websites with waiting children. I know, I know, with three kids ages 5 and under I hardly need to be doing that. But, it is in my heart and so I look. There is an amazing website/ministry called Reece's Rainbow that lists children, mainly from Russia and Eastern Europe, with special needs who may be more difficult to find families for. Many of the children have Down Syndrome, some are HIV +, and others have other various conditions. While looking I saw this one boy, named "Alex" and for some reason I instantly fell in love. I mean, look at that SMILE! He has cerebral palsy and cannot currently walk. The site says he is very smart and that when he turns five (in September) he will be transferred to an institution where he will be bedridden. Just like that, no hope of walking unless a family, HIS family comes to get him. I asked God if we were his family (thinking that God REALLY had a sense of humor if we were---if you know me in real life you KNOW how crazy our life is at the moment), but I still had to ask. And the answer was clearly, 100%, "no". So, what I want to know is...are YOU his family??? Look at him! Isn't he cute?! If you click on the Easter Warrior link underneath his bio it will take you to another person's blog that has a few additional pics of him on it. I'd love for him to find his family!


Rachel Castlen said...

Alex is sweet! I am sure God will use that desire in your heart to adopt at just the perfect time. It will be so special when you get to fulfill that passion! Have you looked at child sponorships with places like Compassion or World Vision? I got to visit our wonderful child in Honduras last year and I can see you would have loved it. Check it out on my blog if you like :).

Joanna said...

Ahhh!! I'm so happy to see someone else who loves Alex!!Sweet boy. There is just something special about him. God has plans for him, that is for sure.

If you have ever watched The Boy from Baby house 10...that is what I picture Alex as. And it breaks my heart. I do not want to see him transfered!

Thank you so much for caring for my sweet boy. Oh how I wish YOU were able to adopt him! (are you sure there is NO way? haha)

Cara said...

You don't know me, but my heart was so happy to see how much you love Alex. My husband and I desperately want to adopt him, and we're trying to get things in place to start a homestudy. We're so close to having the funds for the homestudy fees, but the initial agency fees, etc., we are still needing. We don't want to commit to him or contact RR about him until that's in place, in case God has another family ready to go for him. But we want to try. My husband so badly wants to be Alex's dad, too (and my husband does a wonderful job at being a daddy!). We're praying for his family (whether by some miracle it's us) or someone else. We know he is on borrowed time. I'm praying for you! If you'd ever like specific prayer for anything, you can e-mail me (Cara) at

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