Friday, April 22, 2011

Advocating for Alex

I have recently become the 555 Warrior for Alex, the little boy in Eastern Europe that I told you about in the previous post. Alex is almost 5 and when he turns 5 he will be transferred to an institution where he will be BEDRIDDEN. I can't even imagine this precious boy, so full of hope and life, confined to a bed. No one deserves that!! Just think, if his family finds him, his life will be full of love and joy, therapies to HELP his mobility instead of hinder it. I pray every day for him. Are YOU his family??

I have started a facebook page for Alex. Please "like" the page and recommend the page to your friends. The more people who see him, the more chances there are that his family will see him! The page is called Adoption and Awareness for Alex. 

In the next few days I hope to have a giveaway on this blog. It should be a great prize that everyone will love, so spread the word about that too!!! Let's find this little boy a home!


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I am a sinner who has been chosen by God and redeemed by the death and resurrection of his son Jesus. I am a full-time wife and mom, though I hope to someday return to my job as an SLP. I love photography, coffee, reading, and adoption. I hate to clean, but sometimes do it anyway!
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