Monday, March 3, 2008

The Weekend Haul

Had a fairly successful bargain shopping trip this weekend. My first stop was Walgreens where I bought what you see below. There were a few hang-ups, but thanks to some helpful employees, I got the deals I went in for!!! 

I did several different transactions. The first few I did were the Olay bar soap deal. Walgreens has a deal this week where you buy 2 pkgs of the Olay bar soap and you get $4 back in "Register Rewards" which are like money to use the next time you shop. Well, I had 6 coupons for $2 off each pkg of bar soap, meaning I got the soap for FREE and then got $4 back. A GREAT deal! I then did the deal where you buy 6 of any certain items listed (including the herbal essences/olay body wash) and get $12 back in Register rewards. This got a little complicated because for some reason the computer wouldn't recognize it. I recommend that if you do this deal you get 6 of the same item for it. It is reported that if you buy 6 of the small (trial size?) Pantene and spend something like $8 you will still get the $12 register rewards. I also bought vitamins which are free after rebate this week, and Kotex pads which were on clearance for $1.60 ish and I had a $1 off coupon.

CVS has some good monthly deals as well as weekly deals. If you are just getting into CVS shopping make sure you pick up a flier at the store which lists their monthly Extra Care Buck deals. More toothpaste...just what we needed...I think that brings our total up to 7 unopened boxes! 

I know some of you ventured out to CVS and Walgreens! Tell us about your deals!


tt said...

Ok, well... I just went to Walgreens and CVS to try my first time getting some good deals. Needless to say, it didn't work as well as it did for you. I was really bummed because they didn't have the sale toothpaste or any of the sale razors at CVS, which are the things I went to get. So I ended up getting some more things that were on sale, but kind of disappointing. I did get the "buy 6, get $12 rewards" deal at Walgreens. Oh yeah, and the Olay soap was gone there too. Bummer :( So I don't know if I'll be using my time out when Alex is watching Eva to go to drugstores anymore, but maybe I will try again soon... maybe closer to Sunday so they're not sold out. Ok just wanted to give you an update! Bye!

Anonymous said...

Amber, I love you...but you are a freak about this bargain shopping. I'm lucky if I can even go in a store and get anything on my list before the kids raise hell. Erin

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