Sunday, March 23, 2008

Shopping Lessons Learned

I went shopping yesterday for a little bit and last weekend for a little bit for some clothes for myself. I was not very successful, but I did learn a few "lessons" along the way that I'd like to share.

1. I will never (NEVER) try on another pair of Bermuda shorts. If you are shopping with me, and see me pick them up to try on...please, please stop me. Don't let me waste my time. No matter how cute these look on other people, they DO NOT look cute on me. No matter how many different brands I try on. No matter how many stores I go to.

2. Medium is the new Small (especially in those stores that cater to high schoolers). 

3. Shopping with my squirrelly two-year-old is likely preferable to shopping on a Saturday afternoon in our local shopping mall. Way way way too many people (especially during spring break/holy week). I got one of the last carts at Target!

4. I still have no idea how to shop for my post baby (or should I say 2 years post baby) body. In my mind I am still teeny...until I try on clothes meant for teeny people!

5. I fear that the day when I am too old to shop in the "teen" section is rapidly approaching.

6. I have hit the stage where it is much more fun (much easier and more successful too) to shop for my child than it is for myself. 

7. I still like to shop, despite all of this!!! 


Melissa said...

I'm with you on the bermuda shorts. They look cute on the rack and on small legged people, but NOT ME either! Whenever I take the girls shopping, I often lose them in the clothes racks. It is their little sanctuary I guess when I keep them out too long and tell them "just one more shirt/pair of jeans". "Medium is the new small"...I love it! I myself have hit that point in which I'm too old to shop in the teen section-maybe your next birthday will be that day for you. Its sad, but unless I want shirts that are too short or jeans that make me feel bad about myself (give me a muffin top or show my butt crack when I bend down to do something with my kids because they are so dang LOW waisted, or look like I spray painted them on because those jeans tend to run a little small) I find myself in the "misses" section.

christie said...

I can totally relate to the shopping with kids aspect. I just don't do it anymore. The only time I shop now is when Todd is home to stay with the boys. Which helps me spend less money, bonus! I'm with you on the sizing too. Since the boys, nothing actually FITS me, because I need a six for my flat butt and an eight for my left over baby belly. Anyone know where they make jeans like that?:) I would be willing to pay a lot of money for jeans that don't make me look like Snoop Dog.

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