Friday, August 14, 2009

Baby Boy

A few days ago we had an ultrasound and found out that baby #3 will be a little BOY! I am thrilled! As for my kids....well, here is there reaction:

Me: "Mama went to the doctor today and found out you guys are having a little brother"
Kids: "Mama, mama, we wrapped up in blankets like sausages" (apparently a game they were playing with their babysitter while I was at the ultrasound). So yes, apparently they are thrilled as well.... ;)

Other thoughts on having a baby brother, as said by N to his grandparents on the phone:
"It matches me! It has short hair like me"

And when I asked the kids this morning what we should name our baby boy:
A: "boy"
N: "Mary Legs"

????? Um, yeah, I'll go ahead and write both of those down on our "possible names" list :)


Elizabeth said...


Angie said...

Aaagh. I can't believe you posted this on your blog....your blog that you haven't posted on since January!! I just checked it as a fluke tonight. Well, congratulations!! So happy you're having another boy, you make great ones :) Can you somehow get all of N's old clothes?
Now time to post a belly pic!

Amber said...

So glad you checked Angie....for the record I did also post on FB! We do have N's old clothes, that is the ONLY baby thing we brought. None of the "big stuff". Bummer!

Angela said...

That's awesome! Love the kids reactions. When we told Claire we were pregnant with Ellen, she folded her arms, frowned, and said..."WHY!!!! WE HAVE LUKE!"
So happy for you! Miss you here!

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