Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Broken camera

Well, it is official. Our trusty old Canon point and shoot digital is dead. It has been a great camera and takes surprisingly good pictures (or maybe that's just the photographer...heehee). My hubby and I went on an awesome day trip to an island and had to buy (gasp) a disposable camera! We shall see how those photos turn out. My very first (yes, I'm bad) belly pic of the pregnancy is on there, so hopefully at least that one turned out.

As for a new camera: I've been longingly gazing at digital SLRs. My husband has been even eyeing them. But, it feels like SUCH an indulgence to buy one. Especially when it would be just a hobby for me, taking pics of my kiddos. What do you think...unnecessary indulgence, worthy hobby??? It is getting very close to decision time. The disposable camera pics are all used up!


Elizabeth said...

I would probably be willing to sell a relative for my canon rebel xti. This fact is hilarious because, when Sam first bought it, I vigorously complained about him frivolously spending money and now I THANK HIM INFINITY.

Amber said...

Thanks Elizabeth! That helps to know!

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