Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Eating Healthy finally!

Well, I started a new "diet" last week and have been doing it for a far it has been going well. I'm not necessarily cutting calories or starving myself...gotta keep that milk production up, but have been eating MUCH healthier. I found a magazine called Clean Eating and read it and thought "Yes!" this is how I should be eating! Healthy food, fruits, veggies, whole grains...and the best part is they had a 2 week meal plan in it. All meals and snacks are outlined for me and there is a grocery list too! I follow it almost exactly except I add calories with my coffee and creamer (cant skip THAT!), an Odwalla bar, and one Dove Dark Chocolate. Maybe one more healthy snack after dinner too if I'm still hungry. Also, we have TONS of social events here that always involve food, so at least I'm eating healthier the rest of the week when we don't have those! I feel really good and have already noticed some of my cravings changing. I didn't expect that to happen so soon. I used to have a half a can of C0ke in the afternoon to wake up a little...well two days ago I popped one open in the afternoon and took a couple of sips...and it was WAY too sweet for me! CRAZY! I didn't even drink it! I also found myself craving some grapes, where usually all I crave is chocolate. Hopefully I can continue to make some healthier choices! I feel great so far!


Elizabeth said...

Good for you! I really admire you for doing this, and for making it so realistic! I so often run for those sweet fixes when I have low energy and social events are killer for me, too. How great that the magazine had shopping lists!

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