Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The winners are...

Well, I think we all know who the BIG winner of the week is....our FAVORITE boy, Alex! If you missed the news on the facebook page, ALEX HAS A FAMILY!!!! I am BEYOND excited and know that you guys are too. This is an answer to prayer and to all of the hard work you guys did sharing about him and praying for him and donating to his funds. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! This boy has a special place in my heart and I know in the hearts of many of you as well!

I put all the names of all of the commenters in a bowl and had my kids draw the names. I DID have to redraw for one of the prizes though when someone won the item they donated :). Other than that, this was a completely random drawing! There are a few instances that one person won more than one prize. This is because their name was entered for each item on the list as I stated in the post. There were also a few times that people commented on fbook that they had donated, and not on my blog, but I counted those entries too and put those names in the drawing.

Best buy gift card: ktmae
Walmart Gift card: Courtney
Wild Olive gift cert: Hannah homemade
Mary Kay set: Sarah
Mary Kay set: Sharon
Hand knit hats: Kristen
Headbands (knit): Sarah
Ribbon headbands set 1: Slow me down
Ribbon headbands set 2: Katie
Pillowcases: Hannah homemade
Doll and necklace: Tricia
Earring and necklace set: Erin
Blog makeover: Catherine 
Photography tutorial: Natalie



Sharon said...

Yay!! Thanks!!

Any of the other winners want to trade with me? I won the Mary Kay Time Wise Miracle Sets. (Not that I don't like it)! :) If so, let me know.

Elle Bee said...

Hi Amber, so glad to "meet" you! I think your blog title pretty much sums up my life. :o) Looking forward to browsing around the rest of your blog.

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