Friday, March 2, 2012

Family Rules

A while ago I bought a set of these family rules. First, I love the rules; and secondly I love that the proceeds go to support Sixty Feet. Sixty Feet is an organization that is helping imprisoned children (yes, you read that right) in Uganda. They are truly a wonderful organization who are doing amazing things in the lives of these precious kiddos. (I chose the yellowy green flower one. VERY cute!)

I just got around to printing and hanging the rules in our home today. To be true to our family though, this should really include some of our OTHER family rules:
- no licking people
- no saying "eyeball" at the table (they think that word is SOOO funny)
- no singing at the table
- no rolling down the car windows in the winter
- no pushing/hitting
- no screaming in the house
- no wiping boogers on doors/walls
- you must always wipe your bottom after going #2
- you must wash your hands after going to the bathroom

Somehow I don't think these look as good as the list I ordered though.... :)


Courtney said...

Love the new look! Oh la la!! I'd add, you must flush the toilet after using the potty and don't ask me for ANYTHING in the first 15 minutes after I wake up :O) I'll have to check out those family rules!

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