Friday, April 20, 2012

So much!

SOOO much has been happening since my last blog post...I really should just quit this blogging thing altogether, since it mainly consists of writing posts in my head and that's all. Today I'm feeling the need to vent to cyberspace though, so I guess it is good I have it!

Big news #1: We're adopting again! I'm so so so incredibly excited. This is a surprise to NO ONE considering how much I talk about and love adoption and advocating for orphans! :) We have been matched with the cutest little toddler girl from the DRC. We started the process in January and have been trucking along well ever since. Our dossier should be sent to the DRC within a week (I think!), and then fun things start happening, like court dates, visas, etc.

Big news #2: The U.S. is kicking us out once again (Not really)! After reveling for the past 10 months (we were in Japan for 2 years) in the glory that is T@rget, Chip0tle, grocery shopping past 7pm, being in the same general time zone as family and friends, being able to visit said family and friends more easily...we are being sent back overseas courtesy of the military. This summer we head to South Korea to begin adventures there.

So adoption=stressful, international move=stressful...combine the two= well, you can imagine! I've talked with our social worker for our agency and our move shouldn't cause TOO many changes in our adoption. We'll have to update our homestudy as soon as we can after moving so that US immigration will have a current copy and our current address. We may also have to figure out some sort of different visa for getting our daughter from the DRC into Korea...which may involve stopping for some time in the U.S. after picking her up in the Congo...but really I have NO idea. I'm still gathering info on how it is all going to work. I think once we find a social worker in Korea who can update our HS he or she will be able to provide us with more info. I think our adoption timeline should remain about the same...but it may delay picking up our daughter by a month or two which is a bummer to say the least.

The other big snafu regarding the move is that my husband is supposed to report to the ROK at the beginning of sister is getting married at the end of July. The current plan is for me and our 3 kiddos to stay with my inlaws for that extra month, go to my sis's wedding, and then for me to myself...with our 3 young Korea! Sigh. Needless to say I am already dreading the flight. I know there are TONS of military wives who have done the same thing, but that doesn't mean I want to do it! :) Start praying for me and the kids now, that they would be well behaved during the trip and that I would maintain my sanity between now and then! :) 

Those are the MAIN big things in our lives. Please say prayers for our family during these big transitions. I would much appreciate it!


Meagan Shamy said...

I can't believe your going to have four kids!

Elizabeth said...

I will be praying for you.

I am SO FEARFUL of flying by myself with the kids in a few weeks, so I totally understand where you are right now. It's sad Mitch will miss your sister's wedding. That is a major bummer.

stephanie garcia said...

Hi! I am visiting your blog for the first time and was excited to read about your adoption journey. We have five precious children through adoption, and I love to see other families blessed in this way as well! I have to admit that my anxiety level rose just reading about all the transitions you have in store. :) We, too, live overseas - in Chile as missionaries - and our last adoption was done internationally with Haiti while living abroad. By God's grace it was accomplished despite the craziness, as I know it will be for your family as well. God bless as you wait on Him!

Amber said...

Thanks all!
Thanks for stopping by and for the encouragement, Stephanie!

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