Thursday, May 3, 2012


It feels like we are waiting for a lot of things in our life right now:

Waiting...on new pictures of our sweet baby girl. hear about a court date for her. have orders (what we need to start planning ANYTHING for our move). ship our car, schedule our movers, officially reserve plane tickets.
Waiting...for another huge long-term stress to be resolved. hear an answer from God on whether or not to homeschool next year (I think not??).

So thankful I have the Lord to talk to during these times where we wait. Thankful that He is in control of it all.


an orphan's heart said...

Hi. We are adopting from the drc through lbb. Are u adopting from there as well? We are waiting waiting too. For new pics for court date. Would love to connect with someone from same agency. Haley.

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