Sunday, August 19, 2012

She is gone

Yesterday morning we received the news that no one wants to hear. Our precious daughter passed away unexpectedly in the DRC. From what we were told she was sick for only a day and then died. They don't know what she had or why she died. From what we knew she was healthy. We are absolutely heartbroken. We have prayed for her and talked about her, sent her packages and have held so much love in our hearts and hope and anticipation of the day we would hold her in our arms finally. Moving here, updating our homestudy...everything was falling into place. We were finally in the home we would bring her to. We were anticipating traveling in October or November. 

The night before I was opening boxes and sorting our little girl clothes, planning which ones would fit her when she came home. I have piles on my living room floor ready to put in her drawers for a little girl who will never wear them. A little girl who I long to hold in my arms and snuggle tight. A little girl who I will never get to meet this side of heaven. My daughter. 

We were told that the people who loved her and cared for her in the DRC will have a service of some type for her and a burial. This brings me comfort to know that she will be remembered in this way. It breaks my heart that I wasn't there when she was sick, and that I can't be there when they lay her in the ground. My poor sweet baby. 

In just one day, a week and a half after moving here, we have received an amazing out pouring of love and support. Three separate people brought us flowers yesterday and we have received many many emails and fb messages of love. We treasure these and thank you all for these. I know the Mighty Counselor will help us heal. Already today is a little better than yesterday. For now we look forward to the day we meet her again in heaven and take comfort knowing that she is in a place so much better than we could ever create. 

We love you, sweet Rory Grace. Forever.

The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; 
    may the name of the Lord be praised.”

Job 1:21

(And no, this is in no way related to the other great or devastating news I talked about in the previous post. This is completely unexpected. That issue is still unresolved.)


The 6 of Us said...

My heart aches for y'all every day since you shared about Rory. We are continuing to pray for you!

Jaimie Telschow said...

I'm so sorry, your family has been in my thoughts and prayers.

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