Wednesday, August 8, 2012

We made it

So much has been happening in our lives...I don't even know how to sum it up in a blog post. It probably needs ten posts...but one will have to do! 

We made it to Korea 2 days ago. The kids and I traveled halfway around the world and lived to tell about it. They did fantastic on the flight over, and other than me not getting to sleep the entire time, a near meltdown after we landed and had to go through customs, having jet lag and then getting diagnosed with strep the day after we arrived, it went okay! :) We were met at the airport by my husband whom I hadn't seen in a month, and many amazing friends that we had been stationed with over the years. I'm so blessed.

We are starting to settle in somewhat. The suitcases look like they have exploded all over the house (that my hubs moved into after he got here). We have gotten our small initial shipment of our stuff and have government furniture until our main shipment gets here. We have a homestudy worker coming from Malaysia on Friday to do our homestudy update which we needed done only because of our move. It will be great to get that done and submitted to USCIS ASAP. Our main shipment ALSO may arrive on Friday...and while I'm looking forward to getting our stuff that we haven't seen in 2 months, I don't know if I can handle prepping for an update while getting all of our boxes at the same time. Plus our social worker may not be able to walk in our house if that happens! We may have to have them wait until Monday to deliver...but it sure would be nice to have our stuff! :) 

On the adoption front things are moving along great. We are officially the parents of our new Congolese princess!!! She will be moved in the next few weeks to the agency's transition home so she can get all of her paperwork done and come HOME!!! We got updated pics of her a few weeks ago and she is so precious. She burned her poor little hand very badly so that was hard to see, but I got pictures of it a few weeks after the incident and it looked much better. 

Our family could also really use prayer for an ongoing situation that I have alluded to in other posts. It is honestly the most stressful thing happening in my life right now (yes, more stressful than an overseas move and an overseas adoption combined!!). I'd love to be able to share more (don't hate me!) but I need to keep it offline for the time being. Hopefully someday I'll be able to share and it will be GREAT news (it will either be GREAT or DEVASTATING!!) but until then just send out a prayer for God's sovereignty in our life and His perfect peace to continue to surpass any worry in our minds. 

Blessings to you and your families!


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