Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lifelong Love

Last week my husband's grandmother passed away. This week, his grandfather too passed away. They had both lived to be in their mid nineties and had spent the majority of their lives married to each other. Both of them had been deteriorating in health for some time. In fact, there was a time this summer where we thought he would die but he pulled through. My husband's grandpa was not an emotional man, unless you count getting worked up about politics to be emotional. He was a WWII veteran and enjoyed working on projects. My husband's grandma on the other hand, was probably the sweetest woman who ever lived. She gave selflessly (sometimes too much possibly) and loved Jesus. My favorite memory of the two of them was in December, after she had lost her sight and often did not remember her own daughters. When his grandpa sat down next to her and she was told that he was there, she reached up for his hand and proceeded to rub his fingers and hand. They just sat together like that for hours. When anyone else held her hand, she didn't do that. She truly loved him. And after seeing how he just gave up his will to live after she died, it is evident that he truly loved her too. I'm amazed at how that works. Praying that I will get to be married to my husband for as long as they were able to be together.


Elizabeth said...

Beautiful photo and story.

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