Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I used to be a crafty person. Truly I did. The reason this blog is named "I really should be cleaning" is because I would often knit, scrapbook, read, or coupon my days away! And while it is true, I still should be cleaning- it is because I'm taking care of these crazy rugrats, or grocery shopping, or chatting with long distance friends on facebook cooking dinner or something like that. The past 3 weeks of waiting on this adoption have sent me back into my crafting mode though- definitely nesting. I've been going crazy trying to get some things done before my baby girl comes home. And I think a part of me is also trying to knit my way to her! :) Here are some of the projects I've been working on:

Scrapbook bunting for my friend's baby shower that I hosted. Ignore the ugly brown wood. We live in base housing remember? Also, ignore the fact that we don't have curtains...we hung the curtain rod only to realize we lost one of our curtains in the move. On my list- order more curtains!

Sewing pillow covers so we finally have pillows on our couch! 

Knitting a winter hat for my new love bug! Colors are much prettier in person. Pattern from Itty-Bitty Hats book.

Christmas cards. Ok, this is not really nesting, but I did decide to write a lengthy letter with ours (unusual for me) and got a cute stone stamp with our name in Hangul to stamp on all of the letters. Plus it makes me feel more productive if I add it to this blog post. :)

Sewed a fabric bunting for the kids playroom. This room is definitely a work in progress. 


Elizabeth said...

Very impressive! Especially love the hat! Can't wait to meet her!

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