Sunday, January 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Rory Grace

Many of you know that before we were matched with our current daughter, we had another Congolese daughter, Rory Grace. We were matched with her in February of 2012, became her parents officially in July of 2012, and were getting close to bringing her home when she passed away from a sudden illness. She was just shy of 18 months old. This Thursday, January 31 would be her second birthday. Though we never got to hold her in our arms we hold her in our hearts every day.

We have been trying to figure out a way to honor her life and to help others. There are two different families who are adopting children through our agency and we would love to be able to help them bring their children home. These children needed a family and these families stepped up in faith and still need assistance with funds. We would be honored if you would make a donation in Rory's name to either or both of these families. If you are unable to donate we would love if you would please spread the word about these precious families and their need. 

The first family is Kati and Lew A. They JUST returned home with their two kids from the DRC. A few months after arriving home they found out that their children's older sister is now available for adoption. Read more here. Their finances are plumb tuckered right out after two adoptions within the past few months. Please consider helping them bring this sweetie home to be reunited with her siblings. Check out their quilt fundraiser! Click here to donate to their adoption!

The second family is the Hopkins family They have eight kiddos at home already and have felt led to adopt a sibling group of four girls. This group of girls was waiting so long for a home. Our agency was considering having to split the girls up to find them a home, but Praise God, this family stepped out in faith! Financing the adoption of four children at once is an incredible task that they are fundraising their way through. Please consider donating to their adoption fund. They are having a necklace fundraiser that may entice you! There is a donation button on their homepage. Or click here for instructions on how to donate to their necklace fundraiser.

I realize that adoption is not the only way to help children in need. But it is ONE way that we can make a difference in the lives of children. Rory matters to us. Her life matters to us and we want to find a way to continue to make her life memorable to others. Happy happy Birthday to our daughter in heaven! We love you!


Katie Sayre said...

Hi Amber, I found your blog through Danna Hopkins, so I don't know you, but was touched by the loss of your adopted baby girl. I am sorry for your loss. I have friends who adopted a baby girl and then she died suddenly as well months after joining their family....I thought you might be encouraged to read of someone on a road similar to the one you're taking..... has written more on her site about their grief and the process too.

Blessings on you as you finalize your second adoption!

Katie Sayre

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