Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Couponing Lessons #1 and #2

I thought I'd start a little "series" here at IRSBC with some couponing lessons that I have learned in the short time I've been doing it. So, today the first lesson is:
1. Save all of your coupons. 
- I know this goes against everything others have told you...they say, don't buy something you don't need, just because you have a coupon for it. However, I say save ALL of your coupons...see lesson 2
2. Be willing to buy something you don't need in order to get money toward things you do need.
- This one is a little tricky to wrap your mind around, so I'll give you some examples
Okay, first example...six tubes of KY Jelly and 2 pkg of Monistat cooling wipes. Now, I know what you are thinking, but NO, these are truly items that I will not use (stop, I mean it). So, I know you are thinking "then WHY did you buy so much of this stuff if you don't use it". Well, here is why! I had 6 coupons for the KY and 2 coupons for the monistat. The coupon value was greater than the price of the item, meaning I got $1 overage for each item. I bought these along with my groceries for the week, so by buying these items I saved $8 on my grocery bill!!! (Boy did I also feel bad for the 15 year old boy who scanned all of my KY Jelly!)

Here's another example. This one I did at CVS. I definitely don't need 8 bottles of 6-hour energy (well, most days I don't!), nor do I need "Dry Mouth" mouthwash. I spend somewhere around $12 on these items and got back $24 dollars to use on my next shopping trip! So, in other words, I made $12 to spend at CVS on something I do use, like diapers. Get it???

Hope these lessons help some! Look for more "lessons learned" posts periodically!

Oh, and if anyone wants any KY jelly or energy drinks...let me know! :)


christie said...

Please send me the KY as soon as possible, we're almost out.

tt said...

I think I'd skip saving the money, just to avoid the embarassment!

And where do you keep all this stuff in your house once you buy it? I would need like 12 extra closets!

AFJ said...

Christie, STOP you are killing me.

Melissa said...

C-way too much information! :) I would have LOVED to see that kid scanning all that female stuff.

Give that energy stuff to Nolan next time you drop him off at Heather's. Tee hee.

Anonymous said...

Ok, now that I get the newspaper, I decided to give your couponing a try. Although, I think I only want to get the deals when the things are actually things I would use. I noticed that there are a lot of good sales on razors this week, which would really be good for me, since Alex is obsessed with having multiple razors. Anyway, are you allowed to use more than one coupon for the same thing? Also, where are those websites you were talking about that tell you what the good deals are? I don't have time to go through every add and cross check them with my coupons, etc. It's time consuming!! Sorry about the run-on post...


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