Thursday, January 17, 2008

Couponing Quiz

Can you guess??????

I promised more posts, so here's a little quiz for you to get you reading my blog again and to entice you to keep reading!!! I'm also attempting to tempt you to join me in my latest hobby, couponing. So, quiz time....I'm posting several pictures and I want you to guess how much I spent out of pocket on each photo. I will be giving a small prize to the person who guesses the most correct. If there is a tie, then I'll have a drawing between the tie-breakers. 
Oh, also....I have changed the commenting feature, so you should be able to post without having a Google ID. Good luck! Contest ends Saturday at noon eastern time!!! 

Now for the quiz:

For each photo you need to answer how much I spent out of pocket. Choose one answer for each question.
A. less than $1
B. Between $1.01 and $2
C. Between $2.01 and $5
D. Between $5.01 and $10
E. $10.01 or more
Question 1

How much did I spend on: 2 glade scented oil candles, 5 Walgreens hand sanitizers, 2 bottles of some sort of fancy vitamins, one box of children's Dimetapp, and one mini highlighter (too cute to resist buying)?

Question 2
How much did I spend on: 1 Ascencia Breeze blood glucose tester, 1 box garbage bags, 1 bag teeth flossers, 2 toothbrushes, 1 sippy cup?

Question 3

How much did I spend on: 2 boxes HN Cheerios, 2 boxes granola bars, 3 bottles soft soap, 1 bottle palmolive, 1 pkg excedrin, 2 pkgs of Kotex maxi pads, 2 tubes lip gloss, and 1 can of Redken texturizing spray?
Question 4

How much did I spend on: 1 box Kashi crackers, 1 bottle Huggies kids hand soap, 1 jar PB?
Question 5
How much did I spend on: 1 box kleenex, 1 pkg Kotex, 5 Johnson's buddy bars kid soap, 1 jar PB?

Best of luck to you all! 


melissa said...

Ques 1: D
Ques 2: C
Ques 3: E
Ques 4: B
Ques 5: A

Am I right Am I right Am I right???

Shari said...

I want to win the prize!!! I guess:

I hope I Win!!!

your sis! said...

I'm so jealous of your coupon-ing skills!

1. A
2. E
3. D
4. A
5. C

Anonymous said...

1. A
2. B
3. B
4. A
5. B

I am more jealous of your coupon-ing skills

Angie said...

1. d
2. c
3. e
4. c
5. b

Why are you buying a glucometer?

melissa said...

okay, we were allowed to re-use answers (like everyone else has)? or were we supposed to use all the answers (like I did)?

Amber said...

oooh, can reuse answers. Melissa, you can change your answer if you want!

Anonymous said...


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