Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I'm Back!!!

Well, so sorry to tempt you all with a new blog, and then not post! My intention was to post much more often than this...unfortunately that was not my computer's intention! It decided to die on us last week, so we have spent the week shopping for a new computer. It's been driving me crazy not to be online! So...please check back frequently! I promise to redeem this rocky start! 


Shari said...

Finally you are back. I will be checking in often.

Theresa said...

Hey girl! We're getting a new computer, too. Ours didn't crash but since it is 5 years old it is soooooo slow. I'm anxiously tracking it's progress. Looking forward to reading your posts!

melissa said...

i forgive you. :) nice chatting with you yesterday. i miss you! lets get that girls trip planned soon! (notice i said trip and NOT weekend).

Anonymous said...

I am thinking about collecting coupons also. I am hoping to find them for Glocks, H&K pistols, bullets and other outdoor guys things. Kurt

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