Saturday, January 26, 2008

Off to Walgreens

Today only at Walgreens their "Easy Saver" books overlap. These are checkbook sized booklets they keep at the front of the store near their current ads. Each month a new book comes out with coupons and rebates in them. Well, it has been reported that there is the overlap of a day on some really good deals to be had.

Here's what I am going to do...
L'Oreal HIP Makeup is on sale for Buy one get one free.
Buy Two $6.99 eyeshadows.
You are allowed to use coupons for Both items and you are allowed to combine Manufacturer coupons with store
Spend $6.99 on 2 eyeshadows, use two $2 off manufacturer coupons from a recent insert in the paper, use 2 $2 off coupons from the easy saver catalog.

Get 2 FREE eyeshadows, plus to use on something else you buy.

Another deal....
Garnier Fructisse Shampoo is on sale. There is a January $1.5o ES coupon and a $1 mnf coupon. Pay .45 cents out of pocket...use the overage on the eyeshadow to pay for the shampoo...still have some overage some gum?

In the end, 2 free eyeshadows, free shampoo, and free gum! 

I hope they are all in stock so I can do these great deals!!!! 


Anonymous said...

Let me know how it goes I am going tonight to CVS to catch any last deals before tomorrow...guess I have to go to NB though Matthew won't be back until 9 or 10. See you at church:)

Angie said...

"overage". I've never had that happen with a coupon. Is that only at Walgreen's?

Amber said...

Nope, not just at Walgreens. You can get overage at most stores, just buy another item before you buy the item you will get overage on, then give the coupons. This will take the overage out of the first item, rather than show a computer error. Some stores will notice an overage and will not give it, but will adjust the coupon down to the items price to get the item for free. Either one is good in my opinion!

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