Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Few favs

A few of my new favorite things I had to share:

- I am loving this show. I caught up with it while the writer's were all on strike. ABC has all episodes on their website which is great. It is a cute, funny show that is just good fun. Plus I love all of the supporting characters; especially Suki from Gilmore Girls who plays Samantha's friend. You'll have to check it out. It is a great 20 minute distraction from life. :)

- I really love her blog lately. Just makes me laugh. Especially this post

-We got some GREAT frozen blueberries the other day from here. It is a farm in Oregon that ships to other parts of the country. We also got some frozen raspberries and salmon. All very yummy, but the blueberries taste like candy. I have to ration my 2 year old so he doesn't eat too many.  I have been making a smoothie almost everyday! Thanks Jessica for doing our order with this company!

-This is my favorite type of Starbucks coffee. Just FYI. Not a new favorite, just had to add something coffee related somewhere in my list of favorites. I have a wonderful sister-in-law who works at Starbucks and periodically surprises me with a some in my mailbox.

Anyone else have any new favorites??


Tricia said...

I have been watching Samantha Who while nursing Ally in the middle of the night and just watched the most recent one. I cheered when Todd kissed her. :) It is a fun show. Not always morally edifying, but I do like the overall leaving the old self behind in a secular sense.

Big Mama's blog is a funny one. I read it off and on since I'm trying to cut down on my blog reading.

I need to take a nap otherwise I'd write a few of my favorite new things. Gotta go.

serina said...

I'm similar to you two. I *heart* Samantha Who - always makes me laugh out loud - and Big Mama is hilarious. But I have to only stop in from time to time because otherwise, I read too many blogs.

I'm pretty happy about The Office's return to new episodes. Also, 30 Rock, which makes me laugh to tears sometimes.

And I watch House online once in a while when I have some extra time. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Going with the tv show favorites... I love "Men in Trees". It's silly, sappy and fun.
Have you ever watched it?


Amber said...

Like you Serina I love house. I haven't watched 30 rock ever. We only get Fox and ABC on our rabbit ears, so that kind of limits our TV watching. Maybe I'll see if there are any episodes online. Meredith- I haven't watched Men in Trees...I've caught a couple of minutes here and there, but I know a lot of people really like it. Maybe I"ll give it a chance! I'm definitely waiting for Lost and Greys to come back!

Joel and Angela said...

Glad you commented on my organizational skills! Now I have your blog address! You speak too highly of me! I think I would be defined as OCD when it comes to organizing.
Maybe one day I will sit down and watch these shows you love!

christie said...

My husband and I love Men in Trees! It's a fun show, and I love the scenery shots.

Melissa said...

You know the shows I love-LOST and Survivor!

You will be affected by the whole rabbit ear digital cable thingy next year. You may have to break down and get cable! We only have an $11/month plan-even you guys could do that.

I love my new found deal at Chick Fil A with the toy-ice cream swap. And of course YOU (and C) are my favorite FRIENDS! :)

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