Thursday, April 3, 2008

Today I...

(Warning: non-exciting post, it has just been a while so I felt like I should post SOMETHING!)

Got up at 6:45 (typical waking hour of my 2-year-old). About once every 6 months I get to sleep until 7:30, which basically I think he does to give me false hope of it happening more often.

Went outside with above-mentioned 2-year-old to just "quick take out the trash". Spent the next 30-40 minutes walking around the neighborhood in my pjs while my son pushed his toy airplane up and down the sidewalks while I said "mama's hungry, let's go inside" and he ignored me. Then he made ME sit on his airplane while he attempted to push it. I can only imagine what the neighbors were thinking when they saw that.

Showered, dressed while my son watched Monsters Inc (his first time seeing it....don't worry I didn't let him sit and watch the whole thing!)

Met with our home warranty guy to see if he could fix a few minor things. Most things he can't fix, but some he can (all minor cometic things)

Went to the local children's museum. A very cute and fun place. Don't let the name "museum" fool you. It is like an indoor play area with a mini grocery store, tents, hospital, rocket ship, etc. All hands on and kid centered. Not like adult museums with lots of boring signs.

Ate a picnic outside at museum.

Came home, put my son down for a nap.

Checked email, read blogs, made my bed, emptied trash, (yes a little bit of cleaning, I know, it happens).

Made dinner for a family in our church going through a lot right now. I made my famous beef and bean enchiladas. I say they are famous because whenever we make a meal for anyone (had a baby, surgery, etc) they get the enchiladas. Easy and yummy and freeze well! 

Met the Terminix guy.

After Terminix guy leaves I'll probably hunt for my $3 off 2 Huggies Clean team wipes and go to the grocery store to get some free wipes and some miscellaneous grocery items.

Then make our dinner...I think I'm going to make some chicken with pears (recipe from an old real simple). After dinner and my son's bedtime I'll go running with a friend.

Not a terribly exciting, but that's my day!


Tricia said...

I loved your description of being outside in your pjs. Too funny.

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