Sunday, April 6, 2008


This blog is really not supposed to be about my little monkey son, but since we are living in Quarantineville, I have little else to write about this weekend! Every morning I let my son watch a movie while I shower. The past week or so I got out of the shower and I would hear a banging noise every few seconds. I could never figure out what he was doing. Inevitably I would go into the living room and he would be sitting in his chair innocently. Today the mystery was solved when he walked up to our magnetized tv stand and gave it a big kick (which produced a loud bang). Sure enough, the door swung open and he began to play with the DVDs. So much for child-proofing!!!!


Melissa said...

gotta love it! :) i found a broken dvd last week so be was all ava for sure.

Katie Mae! said...

hahahahahahaha that's so funny! I can totally picture the little stinker doing that ;) Miss you guys!

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