Saturday, April 5, 2008

New Diagnosis

Well, the self-made diagnosis of hand food and mouth started to look a little dicey yesterday when the rash went all up and down my sons legs and lower torso. After waiting all day for a call back from the pediatrics clinic and never receiving one, we emailed photos of his rash to our doctor who is also a friend of ours. He consulted with several other doctor friends of his. The diagnosis? Chicken Pox!!!! He's been vaccinated too, so I guess that's why the rash isn't too terrible or too itchy. How weird. We're going in to see him on Monday, so we'll see what he says then. I'm hoping that the quarantine will be lifted then! Today we got out because our friends wanted their children to be exposed, so that was nice for us!


Anonymous said...

You could come over to our house, one I know has had the chickenpox to share with us yet.

I hope your son is feeling better soon!

Melissa said...

uugh!!! hopefully you aren't forced to stay in for too long.

Tricia said...

Hope he's better soon. We need some chicken pox sharing over here too. Becca's had the MMR, but not the varicella vax.

Angie said...

Why does everyone want to share in chickenpox? It's not good to have chickenpox rather than the vaccine, as it puts your child at future risk for shingles.

Amber - the one vaccine at age 1 gives about 85% immunity. This is why we now give a booster on Varivax to kids at age 4. It's too bad your little guy was exposed before he was fully immunized.

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