Friday, February 22, 2008

Give Thanks

Just sitting in our office with sunshine coming through the window and feeling happy and blessed.

I'm thankful for:
The beautiful sun
My wonderful family
A day off
Playgroup with friends
Coffee with yummy creamer

What are you thankful for today??


Melissa said...

I am thankful for my family, my GREAT friends, my health, my children saying "I love you mommy" and my baby smiling at me when I look at her. Most of all I am thankful for a God who forgives me and knows what is best for me and the life He has given me.

christie said...

The grace and mercy of my Lord Jesus Christ.
My husband (i.e. best friend, LOVER:)
My sweet, challenging, blessed boys.
My Mom
Yes, GREAT friends.
Amen to health.
No TDY'S this week!!!!!!
Sunny and 80 degrees today!
Diet Coke.
Mai tais!
I know you girls are smiling now!
Love yas

Shari said...

I am thankful for good health, My husband working and liking his job, my dog, my family and coffee.

Sister said...

Jeeze mom, way to put me after Ali :) haha just kidding. Am- I just wrote down 10 things that i'm thankful for this semester.
My family
Going to Rome this summer
Micro/Cadaver Lab
Good grades
Time with my grandmas
Guitar time
Knitted things from Mom
and PT Volunteering

What a good idea! Love you!

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