Tuesday, February 19, 2008

How Often Do you Pray?

I am involved with an international Bible study called Bible Study Fellowship (BSF for short). Some of you may have heard of it. Each week we study part of the Bible. Everyday we are given verses to read with questions to go along with them. When we have our weekly meeting we first meet in small groups and go over our answers to our questions. Then we get together in a large group (Ours has maybe 100 or so women) and hear a speaker do an in depth look at the verses we read throughout the week. 

This year we are studying the book of Matthew, which is one of the books that documents Jesus' life from birth to death to resurrection. During Jesus' life, he was incredibly busy! He was constantly healing people and preaching, feeding the poor, etc. Yet throughout the entire book, before he is about to do anything he PRAYS. In fact, sometimes he prays all night long. 

This week our speaker asked us how often in a 24 hour period (how many minutes...) do we spend in prayer. Yikes, I am sad to say that while I pray throughout my day and before bed, it really does not amount to much!!! This is one thing I really need to work on. I mean...if Jesus, who was SO busy each day he was alive, still found time to pray, and prayed often...it CLEARLY must be important and we should do it too!!! 

So how about you? How much of your day is spent in prayer?? Will you work on increasing that? I know I'm going to!


Melissa said...

You are right-I'm busy but Jesus was much busier and if He can do it, then its obvious I should do it more. Not to ask him for things that I think would make my life better, but just to align myself with Him and ask for His will in my life.

Shari said...

I guess that is another thing I need to work on which seems rather easy to do.

The Foster Family said...

God has been teaching me this recently, too, Amber! This is the spiritual discipline that I desire the most growth in 2008. Jason and I are reading a book about Charles Spurgeon, and the first chapter is all about prayer. Here is an excellent quote from him on prayer: "Sometimes we think we are too busy to pray. That is a great mistake, for praying is a saving of time. You remember Luther's remark, 'I have so much to do today that I shall never get through it with less than three hours' prayer.'...If we have no time we must make time, for if God has given us time for secondary duties, He must have given us time for primary ones, and to draw near to Him is a primary duty, and we must let nothing set it on one side. Your other engagements will run smoothly if you do not forget your engagement with God."

I'm excited to read your blog and stay caught up in your life since we are separated by geography. We miss you guys! ~ Anita

christie said...

I spend some time in "moving prayer" throughout the day, and some focused prayer, but not enough. I know I don't spend enough time on my knees.

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