Monday, February 18, 2008

No longer a virgin

To CVS that is.....

Here is the CVS loot that my friend Melissa got today! It was her first CVS bargain hunting trip and she did awesome! She got all of that stuff (worth over 50 bucks) for just over 25 bucks! Way to go Melissa!!! I think she's hooked. I like to say that all it takes is one hit of a great bargain and you're addicted! 

Here's how Melissa did it:

I had $1.50 coupons for each of the diapers making them $7.49 each and the $4 off $20 (CVS issued coupon).  i also had 1 dollar off the sunsilk, which was buy one get one free.  the batteries were also buy one get one free.  i got the diapers and toilet paper which gave me my ecb (Extra Care Bucks...these print out on the bottom of your receipt and you can use them on any future purchase), then with that i got everything else (soap, face scrub, sunsilk hair stuff, batteries) and paid out of pocket $0.74 for the starbursts because i had a negative total and i guess she couldn't give me a nickle back.  :) 


Melissa said...

That's right-I lost my coupon virginity! :) I was on a "bargain high" like you said and will definitely do it again. Thanks for hooking me (so to speak).

Shari said...

I just signed up today for my CVC card so it's just a matter of time. I think toothpaste will be my first coupon.

Theresa said...

We only have Walgreens up here in Enid, OK, but I've gotten some good deals the past few weeks. Thanks! Hey, I'll be in SA (with Kate) the week of Mar 17th and we'll all be there (Nathan included!) the weekend of Apr 11 & 12. Hope you'll be around so we can see you.

AFJ said...

Congrats Melissa!
I got the card but haven't made any remarkable savings-yet!

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