Friday, February 1, 2008

To Do List

This weekend I hope to...

- finish my February scrapbook page for my scrapbook calendar (!)
- start reading some of the books I checked out from the library
- choose pictures to enlarge for some frames I have already bought
   (and enlarge them at CVS where you can get two 8x10s for 99 cents this week using their Buy         one get one free deal and two manufacturer coupons)
- clean our master bathroom (yeah right!)
- plan some trips throughout the year

What is on your list of things to do this weekend??


Shari said...

Drive to Florida. Escape the snow. Go out to dinner with family. Knit, Relax, Knit and catch up on news from my hubby

melissa said...

lets see...go to the commissary by myself, make goodies for our "newlywed game" get together on sat. night w/sunday school class, go to church, take a nap, discipline someone, play outside w/kids.

christie said...

find my sanity, go somewhere without the two sweet little boys that I so adore, read, exercise my lazy butt, take a hot bath, by some frames for some pictures I already have (Logan would say, "that's the opposite!"), of what Amber needs to do, connect with my husband.....

christie said...
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christie said...

ok, so I also need to get a brain...just somehow posted that twice and then tried to delete the second one which didn't work-I need a vacation:)

Anonymous said...

Well, today I went to CVS to get the new ad but of course NOT OUT YET! AGGHHH!

And for tomorrow? Make myself run all by the dishes...laundry...mop the floors and vacuum?maybe...whatever I can to make the hours go by waiting for Matthew to come home which won't be until late so we won't be able to go to the Sunday school social (totally bummed!!!)

Then I will probably go to church alone again (on Sunday) and then hang out with the kids which is NOT relaxing for me and well be BORRED OUT OF MY MIND!!! That's about it for me:)

Oh maybe bring the kids to a superbowl party but it is at my friends house who live up near Bernie and it will be LATE getting the kids home so we will see...

Sorry so depressing it is just that it is 9:45PM and Matt is still at work (went in at 7AM)and of course NOT getting paid for the RIDICULOUS amout of overtime he is doing and I am just FED UP!!! I guess I just need to get some sleep and pray he gets some rest before he has to be back in to work bright and early in the AM!

Please keep praying he will get a new job and SOON!

TT said...

Well... fortunately or unfortunately, however you want to look at it... I have to pack up the apartment in time to move on Tuesday! We're FINALLY moving!! I also have to take care of a bunch of loan crap, I'm so glad the process is almost over.

Oh, and also finish planning the baptism party happening next weekend. The idea started out small and simple, but don't you know it never ends up that way!

Hope to talk to you soon!

Angie said...

I have to shop: grocery shopping, crafts to make shower invites for my sister, supplies to make this gift basket for a silent auction, and Valentine's day crafts for an afterschool program on Tuesday. Good thing I don't mind shopping! Then I have to make all the stuff.

Kim said...

My mom's birthday is on Monday. Today (Sat.) we are going out to lunch and then going home for carrot cake (in the oven right now). Tomorrow we're going to Gary's boss' Superbowl party. It is going to be terribly boring--everyone is older than us and not so much fun. At least I had a snow day yesterday--3 day weekend!!

You blog like crazy!! Congrats!

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